How Much Theft Is a Felony In Indiana?

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How Much Theft Is a Felony In Indiana?

September 29, 2021

When you or someone you care for has been charged with theft, it can be an incredibly stressful situation that could have a devastating outcome if the correct legal measures are not sought out. It is estimated that in America, there are approximately 45,000 Americans imprisoned for thefts of less than $10,000. 

Each state has its own amount of theft that is classified as a felony and has different ways of handling a theft case. If you are being charged with theft, you should speak with an Indiana attorney as they will be able to guide you on what you should do. 

The Bellinger Law Office has attorneys well versed in Indiana theft laws. This means that they can help navigate your theft case and fight for your rights. If you’re interested in learning how much theft is a felony in Indiana and other pertinent legal information surrounding thefts in this state, keep reading. 

In Indiana, What Are The Different Types Of Theft Crimes?

In Indiana, there are many different theft types that vary from each other. Additionally, each of these theft types has its own legal definitions and laws. We have listed the theft types commonly seen in Indiana. 

  • Shoplifting. 
  • Conversion. 
  • A misdemeanor or petty theft. 
  • Embezzlement. 
  • A felony theft or grand theft.
  • Auto theft, including receiving stolen auto parts. 

What Is Unauthorized Control?

You can’t be charged with theft in Indiana unless it can be proven that you knowingly or purposely exerted unauthorized control over someone else’s property with the intent to deprive the rightful owner of the use or value of their property. Essentially unauthorized control means that you stole the property without the owner’s consent or you tampered with the property in a manner that the owner did not consent to.

How Much Theft Is Actually A Felony In Indiana?

If you were caught stealing in Indiana, you are likely not aware of how much theft is actually a felony in this state. In Indiana, state law deems the lowest level of theft to involve any property stolen with a value that equates to less than $750 as a Class A misdemeanor. 

When you are charged with a Class A misdemeanor, you could face jail time of up to a year, and you could be fined up to $5,000. However, in Indiana, judges have flexibility when it comes to sentencing. They can choose to send convicted thieves to at-home detention or work release instead of prison. 

If you are charged with stealing something to the value of more than $750, you will face felony charges in this state. 

Should you have stolen something that had the combined value of $50,000 or more, you could be charged with a level five felony. A level five felony could mean you will be imprisoned for between two to eight years with a potential fine of up to $10,000. If you stole property to the combined value of less than $49,999, you could be charged with a level six felony. A level six felony could mean you will serve one to three years in prison and face a fine of $10,000.

Get In Touch With An Indiana Defense Attorney Today To Discuss Your Theft Charges

If you have been charged with a theft crime in the state of Indiana, it’s crucial you speak with an Indiana attorney who specializes in this area of law. A qualified attorney can help you understand the penalties you face. At The Bellinger Law Office, we can explain the legalities of your case in a way that you can easily understand. We will endeavor to make sure you are fully informed about the potential consequences you are facing and fight for you to avoid jail time. Get in contact with us when you’re ready to talk about your theft charges. 

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