Important Financial Issues to Consider When Going Through a Divorce

Important Financial Issues to Consider When Going Through a Divorce

August 04, 2015

One of the biggest issues when getting a divorce is figuring out who gets what money and how to divide up the property. Sometimes it may be an issue of who keeps the business, stock ownership, or the house and car, while other times it is an issue of who will take on what debt the couple has built up. No matter what end of the money situation the couple is on, it becomes very difficult to figure out who takes on what. No matter what, divorce causes a great deal of financial changes and stress among the two parties. There are many financial consequences that come along with divorce. Here are a few of them:

Child Custody/Support

If there are children involved when getting a divorce, they should be the number one main concern of the parents. When it is all said and done, nobody ends up happy about child support. The one paying it usually thinks it’s too much and the one getting it usually thinks it’s not enough. No matter what, the standard of living prior to divorce can’t usually be maintained.

Multiple Households

Prior to a divorce, a couple has combined household bills including mortgage payments, utility bills, and grocery expenses. Once split up, both people make the same amount of money and income, yet now they have to deal with two mortgage payments, utility bills, and grocery expenses. The cost of living in terms of monthly bills and expenses increases.

Estate Planning

When all assets have been divided, changing the names on things such as a house, car titles, and other things such as stocks and bonds is very important. Making sure to update wills and wishes for children in the unfortunate event of a death is also necessary.

Plan Ahead by Contacting a Reliable Fort Wayne Divorce Lawyer

Understanding what issues you will have to face financially when going through a divorce is one of the most important things to know. While this is not a full list, the bottom line is that two people going through a divorce have to be smart and have realistic expectations about their finances. Having legal help by your side through the entire Indiana divorce process can help make sure your financial issues are solved in the best way possible for you and your children. Contact the experienced family law and divorce attorneys at The Bellinger Law Office at 260-428-2214.

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