Indy Police Officer Who’s Made 4,000 DUI Arrests Loses Daughter in Drunk Driving Accident

Indy Police Officer Who’s Made 4,000 DUI Arrests Loses Daughter in Drunk Driving Accident

October 07, 2015

Driving under the influence of alcohol not only can cause the loss of a driver’s license, increase in insurance rates/loss of auto insurance and even jail time, they can also bring upon death to innocent victims. It can damage both your life and other innocent people’s. In this heart-wrenching case, an Indy officer whose career was focused on keeping innocent people safe from drunk drivers ended up losing his daughter to someone driving under the influence.

An Indy officer has spent his entire career keeping drunk drivers off the road and keeping the streets of Indiana safe. For 25 years he has worked DUI checkpoints and has made over 4,000 drunk driving arrests working with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. Unfortunately despite his years of hard work, he lost his daughter in a drunk driving accident. He was actually working a DUI checkpoint when he got the phone call saying his daughter had been killed.

The twenty-two year old daughter of the officer had her one year old son in the back seat when she was struck by the drunk driver. She was hit by a pickup truck and then crashed her vehicle into a tree. The one year old son survived the crash but suffered from broken limbs and a cracked skull.

The officer had won numerous awards for his DUI work, and his former wife told news reporters that he averaged about three arrests per night. Despite this being such a difficult and devastating loss, he is not letting it take away from him continuing to get the job done. He wants to get back on the roads to help prevent things like this from happening to other people.

There are serious consequences that come along with a DUI conviction

Driving under the influence of alcohol can have very serious consequences, and in this specific case, caused death. It should be avoided at all costs, but even with such serious life and legal consequences, DUI’s still happen. These charges can be very scary and confusing and can greatly affect a person’s future. You do have rights if you are arrest for drunk driving, so don’t wait to call an attorney.

The DUI attorneys at the Bellinger Law Office can assist you. Contact our office today at 260-428-2214 if you have been arrested for drinking and driving so we can get started on your case.

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