Issues To Consider In Your Parenting Plan

Child Custody
Issues To Consider In Your Parenting Plan

September 19, 2017

Whether you are going through a divorce or dealing with child custody issues as a single parent, developing a parenting plan that works for both you and your child can be a challenge. Your child’s best interests should be at the forefront of any negotiations, but there are issues to consider which could impact you as a parent.

Indiana Parenting Plans

The former method of awarding child custody to one parent while the other gets visitation has been largely replaced in Indiana and across the United States with the idea of dividing the responsibilities and duties of caregiving between both parents. Children generally benefit from having a close, loving relationship with both their mother and father, and parenting plans seek to accomplish that goal.

Under Indiana parenting plan guidelines, parents may share custody of children, depending on circumstances such as the parent’s proven ability to provide for their child, the location of their home to the child’s school, and the wishes of the child. Other items which may be added as part of your parenting plan include:

  • Shared responsibility for making decisions regarding the child’s education, religious upbringing, and medical care;
  • Plans for holidays, school vacations, and other special occasions;
  • Provisions for attending school functions and recreational events;
  • Guidelines for communications via phone, email, and text when the child is at the other parent’s home;
  • Travel arrangements and drop off locations for exchanges between the parents;
  • Allowances for third party visitation for grandparents and other family members;
  • Restrictions on the types of activities the child engages in at each home;
  • Guidelines for resolving any potential disputes that may arise.

Tips For Making Your Parenting Plan Work

Covering all your bases in a parenting plan reduces the likelihood of disputes. Parents.com advises that there are also things you can do on your own to help make the situation easier for your child. This includes:

  • Refraining from speaking negatively about your spouse, their family, or your previous marriage;
  • Being realistic about your own schedule, and letting the other parent know of changes in advance;
  • Making arrangements that take into consideration your child’s age and school or recreational activities;
  • Realizing that just because your relationship with the other party did not work out, it does not always mean they are a bad parent.

How Our Indiana Parenting Time Attorney Can Help

For caring, experienced legal representation in establishing a parenting plan, contact the Bellinger Law Office today. Our Fort Wayne parenting plan attorneys provide legal guidance to protect your rights as a parent, while helping negotiate arrangements that in your child’s best interests. Call or contact our office online and schedule a consultation to see how we can help you today.

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