December 18, 2014

When working with an experienced family law attorney remember that knowledge is power. When you meet with an attorney ask a lot of questions. This is EXTREMELY important…it’s your divorce, your children, and your future! Make sure you walk into that attorney’s office armed with questions. Also, determine if the attorney is listening to what you’re saying. Does the attorney treat you with empathy and compassion? Further, ask the attorney if he or she actually has a policy regarding returning client telephone calls. If not ask why.

Explaining the Options in Layman’s Terms

If the attorney is going to be abrasive or if they want to talk about how awesome they are then move on. The odds are that they don’t care about you. You want your attorney to speak with you like a human being not like some legal egghead. Consider these additional questions before you hire an attorney:

  • Does the attorney provide you with relevant information that is easy to understand?
  • Is he or she willing to educate you and answer your questions?
  • Can the attorney provide you with a plan of action?
  • Will the attorney you hire handle your case personally or will it be delegated to someone else?
  • Is the attorney assertive without being arrogant?
  • Is the attorney being honest and realistic with you or is he or she promising that you will get everything you want?
  • Does the attorney make your children’s best interests the number one priority?

I have been divorced myself (before I became an attorney) and I know how much it sucked. I spoke with three attorneys before I hired one. I looked for somebody who was going to take the time and explain the practical details to me and give me all of the information I needed–no bullshit about it.

Remaining in Contact with the Client is of the Utmost Importance

I struggle with this myself. Due to the rigors of going to court, traveling to different counties, meeting with clients and prospective clients, etc., returning telephone calls as quick as the client may like is a Herculean task. My policy is to return telephone calls within 24 hours, either personally or via my assistant. If you’re having problems contacting your attorney or if there’s not much communication back and forth, most likely it’s not a very good fit. I always tell clients that if they cannot contact me via telephone, and the odds are great that you will not, to do one of four things: ask to leave a message with my assistant, ask to leave a voicemail, send me an email, or ask to have my assistant put a time on my calendar where we can speak face-to-face or over the phone.

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