Marijuana Drug Crimes in Indiana: What are My Rights?

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Marijuana Drug Crimes in Indiana: What are My Rights?

September 01, 2015

Even though being charged possession of marijuana is a very common drug charge, it still isn’t taken very lightly in Indiana. This common charge can lead to serious consequences such as large fines, criminal records, and sometimes jail.

If this charge goes on your criminal record, it could very harshly affect your life and can make it difficult to find a future job. This is why it is so important to have experienced representation to help your case. The attorneys at The Bellinger Law Office promise to look into every aspect of your drug crime case to get you the best possible outcome for your situation.

Indiana Possession Drugs Laws and Consequences

The consequences of being charged with possession of marijuana is subjected to how much you have in your possession at that time.

  • <30 grams: Class A misdemeanor

Consequence: Potential one year in jail, fines up to 5k

  • >30 grams: Class D felony

Consequence: Six months – three years prison time, fines up to 10k

If you have never committed a drug crime in Indiana and this is your first charge, there is some good news. Sometimes first charges are able to be decreased to something called conditional discharge, which means you basically get one free pass and aren’t charged with anything. Often times conditional discharges allows the person initially charged with possession to simply pay a fine or do so many hours of community service. Indiana only allows for one condition discharge, so if you are charged a second time it will end up on your record.

Indiana Possession Drug Laws and Consequences with Intent to Sell

Certain activities such as delivering or possession with the intent to sell can lead to much more serious charges. These charges can be subjective, however, and we can fight for it to be reduced to a charge of simple possession.

  • < 30 grams: Class A misdemeanor

Consequence: One year jail time, fines up to 5k

  • >30 grams: Class D felony

Consequence: Six months – 3 years prison time, fines up to 10k

  • >10 pounds and 1,000 feet from park and/or school: Class C felony

Consequence: 2-8 years prison time, fines up to 10k

Charged With Possession in Indiana? Call The Bellinger Law Office

When you call our firm at 260-428-2214 for quality representation in a marijuana drug crime case, our lawyer will conduct a thorough interview to figure out the best way to represent you. It is best to call as soon as possible to start protecting yourself and building a defense to protect your future.  You may also fill out our contact form online and an attorney will respond as soon as possible.

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