Do You Need a Fathers Rights Lawyer?

Do You Need a Fathers Rights Lawyer?

September 03, 2014

The United States Census Bureau reports that 50% of all marriages entered into today will end in the divorce. Of these separations, two-thirds will be initiated by women; however, regardless of which partner files for a divorce, many people believe that the court system often puts men at a disadvantage when it comes to child custody, child support, and other factors. For this reason, many men find it beneficial to work with divorce attorneys and family law attorneys who identify as fathers rights lawyers.

Statistics show that an estimated 82% of women seeking a divorce in the U.S. want to be the custodial parent. Because few divorce cases actually proceed to trial and are instead decided through negotiations with both parties, many former spouses come to the agreement that their children would benefit from the mother’s custody. However, in cases where the father wants to be the custodial parent or share parenting responsibilities equally, they may find that common perceptions of parenting prevent them from achieving a situation that is best for their children. The fathers rights movement has offered a number of explanations and theories on this subject: some claim that concepts of gender roles are to blame, while others feel that the courts view men as merely financial support rather than an active and engaged parent.

Fathers rights lawyers, unlike the average divorce lawyer, have experience responding to these concerns, and can also help prepare a case that skillfully argues for the father’s right to custody, ability or inability to pay child support, and more. Every week, an estimated 46,523 divorces are filed in the United States. The proceedings take a year on average to be completed and are famously difficult on most individuals and their families. However, nothing is worse than feeling that you did not sufficiently negotiate and argue for what you really wanted at the end of the relationship. This is especially true when it comes to your children. For this reason, if you are a man undergoing divorce proceedings, it is important that you consult with fathers rights lawyers to help you achieve your goals in this challenging time.

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