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Traffic just keeps getting heavier and heavier, and car accidents keep pace with this surge. If someone else’s negligence causes you to be injured in a traffic accident, obtaining just compensation will likely play a critical role in your ability to fully heal, which is why having an experienced Indiana car accident attorney in your corner is always in your best interest. 

Forms of Driver Negligence

Every motorist owes everyone else on the road a duty of care that includes driving safely and in accordance with the rules of the road. The driving force behind the majority of dangerous car accidents out there is driver negligence, and it can take any of the following forms:

  • Distracted Driving – Distracted drivers are becoming more and more common, and there are plenty of distractions to go around out there. The most dangerous distraction of all, however, is texting.
  • Impaired Driving – When a motorist is impaired by alcohol, he or she can experience a decline in his or her physical and mental capacities – in addition to an alteration in his or her vision. Impaired drivers are some of the most dangerous drivers out there. 
  • Fatigued Driving – Drowsy drivers are not able to concentrate on the task at hand as well as they should and can experience many of the same mental and physical impairments that drunk drivers do.
  • Speeding – When a motorist speeds excessively, he or she makes dangerous accidents more likely and increases the odds that said accidents will be deadly. Speed plays a starring role in far too many traffic fatality statistics. 

Your Damages

The damages you endure from being injured by another driver’s negligence can be overwhelming and generally fall into the following categories:

  • Medical Expenses – The medical costs associated with even a relatively minor car accident can be significant. These costs generally begin with emergency care and flow through to surgery and hospitalization, physical therapy, rehabilitation, and beyond. 
  • Lost Earnings – If you’ve been seriously injured, you could experience a significant decrease in earnings due to hours lost on the job. If your injuries impede your ability to do your job and/or to continue developing your career, you could face a decrease in your earning potential in the future. 
  • Pain and Suffering – The emotional and physical pain and suffering associated with being injured as a result of someone else’s negligence can be considerable, and overcoming this form of loss can be exceptionally difficult.

Addressing your full range of damages in your car accident case is critical to your ability to fully heal. 

An Experienced Indiana Car Accident Attorney Can Help

If another driver’s negligence leaves you injured in a car accident, Robert Bellinger at The Bellinger Law Office in Fort Wayne is a trusted car accident attorney who is well-positioned to help you obtain the compensation you need to regain your health and well-being. Our knowledgeable legal team is on your side, so please don’t wait to contact us for more information about how we can help you today.  

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