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Truck Accident Lawyer in Fort Wayne

We share our roads with the massive trucks that fuel our economy, and there is no sign that their numbers are going to decrease anytime soon. As the number of trucks on our roads continues to rise, so too does the number of dangerous truck accidents. The damages associated with truck accidents are so severe that working closely with an experienced Indiana truck accident attorney is well-advised. 

Truck Drivers

Driving a massive 18-wheeler is an immense responsibility, and this is why truck drivers are held to far more exacting safety standards than the rest of us are. Truck drivers are professional drivers who make their living behind the wheel, and there is no room in this job description for driver negligence. 

Common Forms of Truck Driver Negligence

Truck driver negligence can prove deadly, and it can come in wide-ranging forms that include:

  • Distraction – Driving a truck safely requires the utmost attention to the road and traffic ahead. Truck drivers who allow themselves to become distracted by their smartphones or by anything else make our roads less safe for everyone. 
  • Exhaustion – Truck drivers spend a good deal of their time behind the wheel, and this is why there are careful hours-of-service laws in place. Truckers who push these limits and drive drowsy increase the risk that life-threatening truck accidents will occur. 
  • Impairment – The law at both the state and federal level does not tolerate truck driver impairment in any form. Impaired truck drivers are dangerous truck drivers who should not be on the road. 
  • Excess Speed – Excess speed plays far too serious a role in dangerous traffic accidents, and when the vehicle in question is an 80,000-pound semi, the threat increases exponentially. 

Because they are professional drivers, Truck drivers owe an enhanced duty of care to everyone on the road. 

The Insurance Company

If a truck driver’s negligence leaves you or someone you love injured, your claim will proceed through the insurance company involved. While it’s true that this company is paid to compensate you in just such situations, this does not mean that it is going to be easy for you to achieve. Consider the following common insurance ploys:

  • The insurance company may make an early settlement offer in an attempt to settle the matter before you are fully aware of the full extent of your damages.
  • The insurance company may prolong and/or complicate the claims process in the hope that you will give up in frustration.
  • The insurance company may attempt to focus the fault on you and away from the at-fault truck driver.
  • The insurance company may question the legitimacy of your damages.

Suffice to say that the insurance company has plenty of tricks up its sleeve, which makes it an excellent idea for you to have an experienced Indiana truck accident attorney in your corner. 

Don’t Wait to Consult with an Experienced Indiana Truck Accident Attorney

Robert Bellinger at The Bellinger Law Office in Fort Wayne is a savvy truck accident attorney who is committed to using the full force of his considerable experience in pursuit of your case’s best possible resolution. To learn more, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. 

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