Rapper Awarded Custody of Daughter Along With Child Support

Child Custody
Rapper Awarded Custody of Daughter Along With Child Support

April 14, 2015

While most people think of divorce when they hear the term family law, there are many other family predicaments that require legal help. For example, parenting time and visitation rights are two common topics that family law attorneys deal with. Another situation that family law attorneys deal with on a regular basis is child custody battles. In addition, the subject of child support payments often goes hand-in-hand with child custody battles as well.

These kinds of family situations can be very difficult. They can involve a lot of people and they can have many different dynamics. Plus, every situation is unique and each case will need to be resolved according to the particular details and aspects that apply to that given situation. Often these kinds of family matters need the help of a family law attorney, and the courts, before they can be resolved.

According to recent reports, the ongoing custody battle between entertainer Christopher Bridges, who is more widely known as Ludacris, and his former girlfriend, Tamika Fuller, has apparently come to a close. The former couple had been fighting for custody of their young daughter for several months. Recently a judge awarded full custody of the girl to Mr. Bridges along with $2,000 a month in child support payments from Ms. Fuller.

The ruling comes despite the fact that Mr. Bridges is estimated to be worth about $25 million. However, the actor/rapper argued that he currently does not have enough cash flow to support his daughter on his own. He claimed that the delay of the upcoming film in which he stars has left him short on funds for the time being. Earlier, Ms. Fuller was reportedly asking for $15,000 month in child support from her ex boyfriend, but the judge did not agree with her demands. She even claimed that Mr. Bridges tried to convince her to have an abortion when she was pregnant with their daughter, but apparently the judge did not take that claim into account, either.

These kinds of cases are never easy for anyone involved, and it often seems like the children are the ones that suffer the most. Unfortunately, child custody and child support are two issues that must be dealt with when a couple, whether married or not, chooses to go their separate ways. At The Bellinger Law Office we are experienced in these kinds of cases and we can help you with all matters of child custody and child support. Please contact us today in Fort Wayne if you need help with any family law issue. Call 260-428-2214, or click here.

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