Remedial Measures For Non-Payment Of Child Support

Child Support
Remedial Measures For Non-Payment Of Child Support

December 09, 2014

What if he/she refuses to pay support? If this happens, you may choose to file a contempt petition. You must speak with your attorney about the details of filing a contempt action because they are fact sensitive.

Just as I described in my post regarding the nonpayment of spousal maintenance, a contempt proceeding based upon the nonpayment of child support is similar. The most important thing here is to keep track of the arrearages (the amount of back support). The arrearages will continue to grow so long as support is not being paid. Talk with your attorney about increasing the amount of support paid to you to help offset any arrearages. Also be sure to ask for reimbursement of your attorney’s fees.

If you cannot afford to hire an attorney to help you with a child support enforcement action you may want to seek help from your county’s Title IVD (4D) Agency. This agency is an arm of the prosecutor’s office. Contact your county’s prosecutor’s office for specific information regarding this program.

If a parent refuses to pay child support, or substantially falls behind in the payments, that parent could have their driver’s license suspended, their tax refund could be intercepted and applied to the arrearage amount, liens could be placed on their personal property, and they could even be charged with a criminal offense and face jail time.

Non Payment of Child Support May Result in Termination of Professional Licenses

If you’re a professional; i.e., an attorney, dentist, doctor, realtor, etc. your license to practice in your field could be suspended for the nonpayment of support.

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