Self-Representation In A Divorce Proceeding

Self-Representation In A Divorce Proceeding

September 29, 2014

Self Representation Often Results in a Losing effort.

Abraham Lincoln said, “He who represents himself has a fool of a client!” People’s emotions are heavily charged when going through a divorce, and these emotions can blind them. If you represent yourself you will most likely get the short end of the stick, so it would behoove you to hire an attorney.

I know it’s not cheap, but in the long run it’s going to be a lot cheaper for you to have an attorney do this the right way. I have had more instances than I can count where someone has come to me after the fact and say, “I got divorced. This is what my decree says. I got railroaded here! What can we do to fix it?!”

This is the worse possible situation to be in because now you will be paying an attorney a lot more money to try and undue all the things that you didn’t do correctly the first time because you were too cheap.

As previously stated, it is never a good idea for anybody to represent himself or herself in a divorce UNLESS it is this very rare situation. Let’s say you were married for a year or less, you don’t have kids and you don’t have any stuff. You can probably just fill out the forms online and file them with the court. Other than this specific instance it would never be recommendable for anybody to walk into court or engage in a litigious process like a divorce without an experienced attorney.

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