Strange Reasons Your License Might Get Suspended

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Strange Reasons Your License Might Get Suspended

January 14, 2020

According to the U.S. Government and the State of Indiana, driving is a privilege, not a right. As a privilege, it can be taken away from you for any variety of reasons. Generally, however, license suspension is not the byproduct of other court-imposed mandates. It involves driving infractions and driving infractions alone. That is not always the case, however. In this article, we will take a look at situations where your license can be suspended for non-driving-related infractions.

BWI (Biking While Intoxicated)

The Indiana legal code considers it a crime to operate any vehicle, motorized or not, while you are intoxicated on drugs or alcohol. That means if you are riding your bike home from the bar, you had better be careful to avoid the appearance that you are intoxicated. While police will not go out of their way to write tickets to those who are drunk on a bike, if it looks like you could injure yourself or someone else while you are operating it, you could end up getting charged with DUI. In other words, your driver’s license could be suspended for the illegal operation of a bicycle

Failure to Pay Child Support or Alimony

Just about every state in the U.S. allows a court to suspend a professional or driver’s license for failure to pay child support. However, this is not an ideal solution to the problem and is only used as a last resort when all other forms of pressure have been exhausted. The court does not want to suspend someone’s driver’s license for not paying child support because this will only make it more difficult for that person to earn money. The court will suspend a non-payer’s license, however, and if that does not work, there is always jail.

You Got Suspended, Expelled, or Dropped Out of High School

Indiana can revoke a high school student’s driver’s license if he or she is suspended, expelled, or missed too many days of school. Other states can suspend a student’s driver’s license if they fail to graduate until they turn 18. These laws were first passed in Kentucky and have been adapted to several other states across the U.S. In Indiana, you have to be suspended or expelled or otherwise noncompliant with high school requirements.

You Owe Back Taxes

Have not paid the government? Well, they can suspend your license. At least that is true in New York as well as five other states and the District of Columbia. You can, however, apply for a restricted travel license that will allow you to go from home to work. 

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