The Reinstatement Process for a Suspended Driver’s License

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The Reinstatement Process for a Suspended Driver’s License

November 06, 2018

An Indiana driver’s license can be revoked or suspended for several reasons including failing to maintain insurance, accumulation of points, delinquent child support payments, as well as many others.  Some people take the chance and drive without having a valid license, but in doing so, they can face criminal charges culminating in fines or the possibility of jail time.

The Reinstatement Process

The period for the suspension or revocation of driving privileges varies.  There may be a requirement to pay additional fees, take a course, or submit to other conditions before the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) makes the license valid again. As an example, if you were driving without insurance multiple times and your license was suspended, you would be required to pay $150, $225, and $300 for the first, second, and third offenses respectively.

The resolution of unpaid traffic tickets is, by far, the most common concern for people with a suspended driver’s license. After being given the citation, courts, on average, allow an individual one to two months to admit or deny the ticket. If you miss that window to respond, your license may get suspended.

The court will then declare a default judgment against you or issue a Failure to Pay notice to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.  In either situation, the bureau will be informed of the suspended status of your license until the matter of the ticket is resolved.  

Reinstatement fees, the administrative costs assessed by the BMV, must be paid before your license is reinstated or you get a new license or renew your license. These fees can be in the thousands of dollars if your driving record is not stellar. The good news is that, if you are unable to pay the fees for reinstatement, a lawyer may be able to help you get the fees reduced or even waived. If waiving the fees is not permitted, you have no recourse but to pay the BMV what they are asking.

In addition to the cost of any tickets or fees that must be paid, a driver with a suspended license may be required to participate in a Driver Safety Program. If there are more the two citations in a 12-month period, this is a real possibility. The BMV will send a notification of class participation to the address they have on file. Failure to complete the class will result in continued suspension until the class requirement is met.

Other Considerations

To make sure you are in good standing with the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles:

  • Keep the address they have on file up to date. You want to ensure that you are receiving all notifications sent by the bureau which can include suspension notices.
  • Maintain copies of receipts after paying reinstatement fees or tickets.
  • If you feel you owe any fees or would like to see what fees you owe, log in or create an account at myBMV.com to view your driving record.

Work with an Attorney in Fort Wayne and the Surrounding Area

If your license has been revoked or suspended, there are a few obstacles to overcome to have your license reinstated. Requirements for reinstatement may be perplexing. Seeking answers from the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles can lead to even more questions.

When the time comes to reinstate your Indiana driver’s license, call (260) 428-2214. To schedule a consultation to review the specifics of your case, click here.

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