Updated Research Released On the Effects of Divorce on Children

Child Custody
Updated Research Released On the Effects of Divorce on Children

January 18, 2017

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Months like January—following holiday season—tend to be characterized by people reflecting on their marriages and families, and thinking about change, making divorce in the New Year one of the most commonly contemplated ideas.

While some understandably decide not to pursue divorce—perhaps due to concerns over how their children will adapt to the divorce—some research also indicates that children may actually do better after their parents’ divorce. This is perhaps especially true for couples who experience major conflict in their marriage, as where there was once conflict, with separation likely comes peace and quiet.

The Circumstances Surrounding Divorce

But what about other circumstances, and the prospect of any economic challenges that may accompany divorce?  Some have pointed out that having to stretch financial resources across two households—where once there was one—can only take away from resources that were once readily available to any children. In light of this, there have been theories put forward that try to justify staying in a marriage in spite of wanting to divorce, theories that espouse embracing the motto that ‘whatever we are stuck with, we can make work.’

However, does this necessarily lead to people being happier specifically by avoiding divorce at all costs? Many find continuing their marriages to be unbearable, especially if there’s been a breakdown in communication. Other red flags that divorce may be likely include:

  • Household financial changes and issues;
  • One or more spouse becoming secretive and/or leading a separate life;
  • Intimacy issues; and
  • Negative communications about the marriage and/or spouse to others.

The Effects of a Changing Family on Children’s Well-Being

According to research conducted by some experts, any social or emotional problems that children experience naturally have many causes, of which family structure is only one factor. The widespread and longstanding theory has been that a two-parent household is the optimal setting for positive child development, setting in motion a wave of concern over the fact that there is a strong overall decline in the number of U.S. children growing up in households with both of their biological parents. The result has been an increase in the number of government programs designed to increase the number of children growing up in two-parent households.

However, some have expressed that government affecting family structure in this manner is completely inappropriate because more recent research demonstrates that, regardless of family structure, it is the quality of the parenting which is the overall best predictor of a child’s emotional and social well-being.

Working with Experienced Individuals

When it comes to divorce and legal issues, it is crucial to ensure that you work with someone who is experienced and knows family law in your area. The circumstances surrounding your divorce can have huge implications on your future, particularly when it comes to the well-being of you and your family when it comes to issues such as child custody and property division.

At the Bellinger Law Office, we can help. Based in Fort Wayne and serving clients throughout Indiana, we have been aggressively fighting for our clients for years. Contact us today and find out how we can help.

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