Virtual Visitation And What It Can Do For You

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Virtual Visitation And What It Can Do For You

February 16, 2016

Virtual visitation is technological form of child visitation that uses technology such as email, video calls, or instant messaging in order to keep in contact. This type of child custody agreement can be incorporated into a custody order. Virtual visitation is a common proposal for when the parent with custody moves out of state with the child, thus making it difficult to keep up with an existing visitation agreement.

While this is a somewhat new type of parenting arrangement, it is increasing in popularity and is being adopted by several states across the US.  While there are currently no laws in Indiana that have adopted this growing trend into legislation, a bill has been drafted and proposed and is awaiting support. And even without this official legislation, many family court judges consider virtual visitation proposals today.

Virtual visitation (also called internet visitation or electronic visitation) are supposed to supplement and not completely replace real life and traditional parenting time and visitation. A virtual visitation order usually requires each parent to encourage these virtual visits and allow them to be easily and frequently set up.

Simply making a phone call is definitely the simplest way to communicate, taking advantage of these technological advances of video chat and social media can be a very beneficial way to supplement the parent and child relationship.

Positives of Virtual Visitation

Virtual visitation allows for parents at a distance to become much more involved and close to their child’s life. Virtual visitation can be positive in the following ways:

  • A parent can read a child a story
  • A parent can help a child with homework
  • A parent and a child can exchange real time facial expressions
  • A child can show a parent things such as an award from school or a missing tooth
  • A solid connection on social media can be a way to easily discuss everyday events

Negatives of Virtual Visitation

Many people argue that virtual visitation can be used as replacement of real visitation rather than a supplement of it. In addition to this, some people are scared that judges could potentially be influenced by a parent who would like to move by using this as means of visitation, when they wouldn’t have granted relocation without it.

Seek Help From A Trusted Fort Wayne Family Law Attorney

Virtual visitation creates a supplemental way for a parent and child to communicate on a more regular basis. When one parent moves away, communicating with video calls or social media can greatly lessen the pain that is associated with not being able to see that parent on a regular basis. If you are trying to figure out a visitation arrangement with your ex-spouse, it is very important to speak to a family law attorney. Contact The Bellinger Law Office, located in Fort Wayne, IN, for a consultation.

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