What to Do If You Are Pulled Over by Police

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What to Do If You Are Pulled Over by Police

August 25, 2015

Just a casual evening driving home from work and you see those heart stopping red and blue lights in the background. You double take and you realize those flashing lights are right behind you. You look at your speed and you’re accidentally going ten over, so there is no mistake that this cop is for sure pulling you over.

Unless you enjoy paying outrageous traffic tickets, getting pulled over and ticketed for simple things like rolling through a stop sign or speeding is very unpleasant.

First things first: blinkers

One thing you should do if you have to drive a decent way in order to safely pull over is turn on your emergency flashers. This will let the police officer know that you saw him and are planning on pulling over.

Pull over

Find a safe area such as parking lot, a wide shoulder, or a side street. It is not required of you to pull over immediately, so drive slower than usual and pull over when you find a safe area.

Don’t get out of the car

People sometimes make the mistake of stepping out of their vehicle, which is a big thing to avoid. If you get out of the car right after you put it in park the officer may think you are going to be aggressive, or that you have something to hide. Also remember to keep your seatbelt on to avoid getting an unnecessary ticket.

Turn off your car

Next thing you should do after pulling over is turn off the vehicle, open up your window, and if it is dark outside you should turn on the light so the police officer can see what is going on and that you are not doing anything wrong. You should keep both your hands in sight on the steering wheel.


It is a very common and normal reaction to get angry or upset when you are pulled over. There is really nothing to be nervous about and as long as you have done nothing seriously wrong, such as DUI or have illegal substances in the vehicle. This is just a regular traffic stop, and you will simply have to pay a fine. It definitely is not ideal but it is also not the end all be all. Make sure you are polite and not rude, even if it is difficult for you.

If arrested, request a lawyer

If you are arrested, no matter what the circumstances, ask for a lawyer immediately. Next order of advice is to follow directions, don’t resist arrest, and don’t argue. You are not required to talk or answer any further questions, so wait until your lawyer is present.

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