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What to Know About Driving with a Suspended License in Indiana

Written by on April 11, 2023

Having your driver’s license suspended is an inconvenience in the best-case scenarios and a massive burden in the worst case. The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles has several reasons for suspending a person’s license, with some of the most common being not appearing for a summons, not complying with insurance requirements, having repeated moving violations, operating a vehicle while intoxicated, or not paying child support. 

Learning about the detailed reinstatement process required for your case can save you energy and hassle over time. Navigating these problematic bureaucratic waters can be done effectively if you know the necessary steps.

Additionally, consulting with a defense attorney with experience in driving with a suspended license may create more room in your case to alleviate harsh charges, reduce a sentence, or gain clarity on alternative pathways of action depending on your citation circumstance(s). Our lawyers at The Bellinger Law Office are here to help if you have received a citation for driving on a suspended license.

What are the consequences of driving on a suspended license?

Driving on a suspended license can have serious consequences, so knowing the related laws in one’s state is essential. According to the BMV, if a driver is caught operating a vehicle while under suspension or revocation, a driver can face Class A infractions which may incur fines up to $500. 

Other repercussions of a suspended license include the following:

  • More suspension time.
  • An increase in insurance premiums.
  • Points are added to the person’s driving record. 
  • If the driver has prior convictions on paper within the previous decade, this can bring steeper penalties, including extended jail time and fines up to $5,000.

An experienced defense attorney could present mitigating evidence or demonstrate why a penalty would result in unaffordable hardship. If you’re facing driving on a suspended license charge(s) in Indiana, consult our qualified legal professionals who have extensive experience dealing with prosecutors. Working with an attorney can significantly reduce charges, and it is in your best interest to explore with legal counsel.

What are the benefits of hiring a defense attorney after a citation?

Due to the complexity of the laws surrounding license suspensions in Indiana, it can be challenging to prove to the court that you deserve a hardship or probationary license. An experienced attorney is invaluable in this situation. They can use their knowledge to build a compelling case and understand what is required for your application for a hardship license to be valid. 

With an experienced attorney to assist you, it can be easier to present all of the facts persuasively and gather all the supporting evidence needed, such as medical documentation and pay stubs, which must be submitted when applying for a hardship license. 

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 The laws surrounding license suspensions can be difficult to understand and prove, making it extremely challenging for individuals with a suspension to appear before the court. Fortunately, experienced attorneys at the Bellinger Law Office have the knowledge and expertise to build compelling cases on behalf of their clients and help them understand what is needed for a successful hardship license application. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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