Why You Should Get A Lawyer’s Help For A Traffic Ticket

Traffic Violations
Why You Should Get A Lawyer’s Help For A Traffic Ticket

February 23, 2016

Traffic tickets are never a positive experience, yet almost every driver can say they have gotten one or more throughout their life. Most of the time, a person who is given a traffic ticket simply pays off the ticket and moves on. Many people probably don’t know that there are so many unwarranted tickets that are given to people that do not deserve them.

Paying a traffic ticket means you are admitting fault for that traffic violation, and having traffic tickets brings along big fines, driving record points and can increase your insurance rates. Why then, don’t more people consider hiring an attorney and fighting against their issued ticket?

Whether or not a person is at fault, there is a huge chance of having the ticket dismissed and removed from their record if they fight it. There are a few different types of traffic violations:

  • Civil traffic violations: These violations include things like speeding and rolling through a stop sign. Not only does getting caught mean you will be late to wherever you were headed, it also means that those fees will be a pain. Civil traffic violations usually lead to a few hundred dollars worth of fees, points added to your driver’s license and an increased insurance rate.
  • Criminal traffic violations: These violations include charges much more serious, such as reckless driving or driving under the influence. You should definitely contact an experienced DUI attorney because charges like these lead to very heavy fees, license suspension and even jail time depending on the amount of offenses you’ve had in the past few years.

Fort Wayne Traffic Attorneys Can Get Your Ticket Reduced

Sometimes unfortunately, there are some instances where there is absolutely no way to get out of a traffic ticket and you must take responsibility for the violation. This does not always mean, however, that you will have to pay the full fine that was assigned. It is very likely that an experienced attorney can help negotiate the ticket and get you to a decreased fine.

Traffic Violations Lawyers Fight for Your Rights

Most people don’t know all their rights they have in the state of Indiana. An experienced attorney, however, knows everything thing there is to know in detail about traffic laws in the state. It is very helpful to have someone who understands everything about Indiana laws on your side.

Are you still not sure if you should hire a Fort Wayne traffic violations lawyer?

Give The Bellinger Law Office a call at 260-428-2214. We can answer any questions you have about your traffic ticket and can work with you if you choose to fight against it.

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