Why You Should Get Your Record Expunged

Why You Should Get Your Record Expunged

December 22, 2015

With Indiana allowing for expungement of certain crimes ranging from misdemeanors to felonies, it is important for you to consider expunging your convictions and arrests if you can. Here are the top five reasons why you should attempt to get your criminal record in Indiana expunged by an experienced Fort Wayne expungement attorney at The Bellinger Law Office.

Your Criminal Record Is Making It Difficult To Find a Job

If you wipe away your criminal record with expungement, you are allowed to say with all honesty that your record is clean. If not, it is important to remember that many companies and businesses have strict policies in place that don’t allow the firm to hire a person with any sort of criminal record. Not only can it make it difficult on a person to find a job initially, but it also can hinder a person’s ability to get a promotion after the fact.

You Don’t Have the Right to Vote

After your criminal record is cleared, all civil rights, including both the right to vote and the right to hold a public office are reestablished.

Your Overall Reputation is Hurt

For many people, this is a big deal. Criminal records are often times very easily accessed by the public. Taking all prior arrests and convictions off all state criminal records means that friends, family and people of the community in which you reside can’t find any past arrests or convictions with your name attached. Having some peace of mind and knowing that you have a clean record is worth going through the process of getting an expungement on your record.

You Can’t Seek a Firearm License

While there are certain convictions that disqualify you from this lifted prohibition, after a felony is taken off your criminal record there are no restrictions because of your conviction that can stop you from applying for a firearm license.

It Prevents You from Obtaining a Professional License

If you are pursuing a career that requires you to have a professional license issued to you by the state, you are subject by the state to have a background check before any license is issued to you. If you are convicted of a felony, often times a license will be withheld from you even if you are qualified or even over-qualified for the position and the licensure. If your record gets expunged, however, it is considered unlawful to not allow you to be granted a license.

Call an Experienced Fort Wayne Expungement Lawyer

In Indiana, you can only attempt to expunge your record one time. Filing for expungement and going through with the process is very complicated, and it is recommended you seek legal advice from an experience expungement attorneys. Please contact our law office today.

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