Woman Says Social Media Is to Blame for Her Divorce

Woman Says Social Media Is to Blame for Her Divorce

June 23, 2015

Unfortunately, people in Fort Wayne get divorced every day. Although every couple has the best intentions when they marry, not all marriages withstand the tests of time. Divorced couples give a lot of reasons for their marriages ending prematurely, including money problems, prolonged illness, infidelity or irreconcilable differences. Whatever the case, couples that divorce almost always have someone, or something, to blame for their marriages failing. Recently, even the use of social media has been mentioned as a common thread among divorcing couples.

In fact, according to a recent report, a Chicago woman is placing the blame of her divorce squarely on Facebook. That’s right; according to this mother of two, Facebook ruined her marriage. However, in this case, she is not blaming her former husband for misusing the social media platform, but rather she is putting the blame for her failed marriage on her own Facebook use. According to the woman, she was spending many hours a day on the social media site, when she should have been doing other things with her family.

Eventually the woman began exchanging messages with former boyfriends, and when her husband discovered the messages the battle ensued. Ultimately, the woman claims that her addiction to Facebook ended up costing her, her marriage. According to many recent reports, this situation is not uncommon, as more and more people list social media as one of the causes of their divorce. One such study by CensusWide suggests that one out of every seven divorced couples claims that social media use is at least partly to blame for their failed marriage. Some divorce attorneys think that this number is actually low.

In any case, there are many factors that can lead to divorce, including social media use. However, no matter what the reason, couples that are ready to end their marriage should not go through the divorce process alone. Divorce can get complicated no matter the reasons behind it. If you are considering divorce, don’t wait around to see how things play out. You need qualified and experienced legal representation to help you come out okay. At The Bellinger Law Office in Fort Wayne, we are here to help anyone going through divorce get through the process in the best shape possible. Don’t wait to call us. Pick up the phone and contact us today at 260-428-2214, or click here to contact us online. We will help you get through your divorce.

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